PADI Scuba Refresher

The Fun Part

Brush up on your scuba diving knowledge and skills. Improve your scuba diving ability, and get your scuba dive gear ready for your next scuba vacation or diving holiday.

What You Learn

You go over scuba diving knowledge you learned during your initial diver training. Then, practice fundamental dive skills in a pool or a confined water area. You review and refresh:

  • Safe scuba diving practices
  • Dive planning fundamentals
  • Problem management
  • Breathing air at depth
  • Recreational scuba diving and scuba dive tables: basic knowledge
  • Recreational scuba diving and scuba dive tables: recreational scuba dive planning

After you complete the diving knowledge assessment, you go through the Confined Water Diver Skills Preview. You review information about each diving skill, why it’s important, points to remember when performing the dive skill and a short video clip. Completing this section just before practicing is a great way to refresh your knowledge of how each scuba skill is performed.

The Scuba Diver Refresher course is particularly beneficial if you:

  • Are a PADI Open Water Diver course referral student who wants a refresher prior to making your open water training scuba dives
  • Are a PADI Scuba Diver who wants to refresh then upgrade to a PADI Open Water Diver


There are several diving refresher options available to you. The scuba diving refresher price quoted in the dive prices section includes 2 boat dives at Rottnest Island, lunch, tea/coffee etc. To reduce the price of the scuba diving refresher you can elect to complete the scuba dive refresher course in a swimming pool or at a dive site local to Perth for example Rockingham Wreck Trail or The Coombe Nature Reserve in Mosman Park. Contact one of our PADI scuba diving instructors for a firm diving refresher quote.

On successful completion of the PADI scuba review or refresher program you will receive an official PADI scuba review decal from your Indi Dive scuba instructor or Dive Master. You can attach this scuba review decal to your PADI certification card or your scuba diving log book. This PADI decal will show the date you completed your scuba diving refresher course. You are entitled to this on completion of the diving refresher. Some scuba diving companies may not issue one to you in an attempt to cut costs. If you choose to undertake a PADI scuba dive review or PADI refresher dive course with another company insist that they issue this scuba review decal to you. It is proof that you have completed a scuba diving refresher course with a PADI scuba dive professional. It shows that you can still perform the scuba diving skills you mastered on your learn to dive course.